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We fuel smart research to develop new paths for breast cancer prevention and a cure.

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Tacoma Regatta

September 18, 2021

To our wonderful Pink Boat Community:


We have learned from an uninvolved source that a person in attendance at the Pink Boat Regatta Seattle tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday of this week. (September 14th) it is not known whether the person contracted COVID-19 from anyone at the Regatta itself, but it is important to let our Pink Boat Community know that someone who was there has tested positive.


According to our source, the person and their team wish to remain anonymous. We have not had direct contact from anyone on this team, or the person who tested positive. We have also been told that none of this person's team has tested positive, as of yesterday. Further, Pink Boat Regatta is not directly aware of anyone contracting COVID-19 as a result of attending the Seattle Regatta on September 11th. We wish this person well, and hope for a speedy recovery.


Pink Boat Regatta will continue to monitor the situation, and we will also continue to practice masking and social distancing at our events. Please join us at the Tacoma Regatta Tomorrow, September 18th, at Rock the Dock Bar and Grill. We will have outdoor/covered seating and a tent, so all can remain dry.


Thank you for your continued support of The Pink Boat Regatta.

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Our Mission

We fuel smart research to develop new paths for breast cancer prevention and a cure. This turns cancer patients into survivors, buys precious time, and improves lives. We do this through sailing. Because that's what we do.

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